30 Career-Focused Questions to Ask in an Interview

Why you should prepare questions to ask in an interview

Asking your interviewer questions about the position and company you’re interested in is a great opportunity for you to get the most out of your interview experience. Prepare questions in advance so that you can:

  • Feel confident before and during the interview

  • Signal your interest in a position

  • Demonstrate your conscientious approach to job-seeking (and by extension, job performance)

  • Get the exact information you need to make a career decision

If you’re wondering what questions to ask in an interview, use our list of career-focused questions to empower yourself during the job-seeking process.

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30 Questions to ask in an interview

We’ve organized these questions into four categories so that you can cover as much ground as possible in your interview preparation and during the interview itself.

Questions about the position

Ask these questions to discover if the position you’re applying for matches your interests and the kinds of tasks and projects you want to complete:

1. Can you describe the ideal candidate, including their traits, interests, and skills?

2. Can you elaborate on the hard and soft skills that would help someone in this position succeed?

3. What does the typical day and week look like for someone filling this position?

4. What is expected of someone in this role?

5. How do you measure performance in this role?

6 What would you like to see me accomplish in my first three to six months in this role?

7. What kind of feedback and support would I receive?

8. For an existing position: How has this position evolved over time? and What did the previous person in this position do to succeed?

9. For a new position: What were the reasons this position was created? and How do you see it evolving?

10. Can you show me examples of projects I’d be working on?

Questions based on your career goals

Ask these questions to discover how well the position you’re applying for aligns with what’s really important to you:

11. What opportunities are there for career development, including additional training, envisioning new projects, and taking on a leadership role?

12 How do you help your employees grow as professionals?

13. What types of employees tend to succeed here?

14. What are some of the major things that employees learn while working here, besides how to perform their roles?

15. How might working here compliment my strengths?

16. How might I be contributing to the company’s vision for growth?

Questions about the company’s values and culture

Ask these questions to discover if this company you’re seeking employment with can foster your development:

17. Whom will I be reporting to, and will I be able to meet them today or in a follow-up interview?

18. How would you describe the team I’ll be working with?

19. How does this team or department handle challenges or conflicts?

20. What does this team or department do to create rapport?

21. How will our team or department be collaborating with other departments?

22. How would you describe this company’s culture?

23. How does this company demonstrate its core values?

24. What is it doing to fulfill its mission?

25. How is the company navigating the competitive landscape?

26. How long do people typically stay with this company?

Questions about the interviewer

Ask these questions to gather important insights from your interviewer’s own employment experience:

27. What do you love about working for this company?

28. What has been your proudest moment while working here?

29. How has your role changed since you’ve been working here?

30. What gets you most excited to come to work?

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